Undelete - The Recycle Bin for File Servers

“Help! I just deleted a file from the network drive!” That’s a support call any IT professional knows all too well. What if there were a way to painlessly restore deleted files without having to go to backups? What if there were a way to ensure continuous data protection without constant snapshots? 

Customers use Undelete as a first line of defense before backup since Undelete provides true continuous data protection for easy recovery of individual files. Whereas snapshots and backups are best used to recover entire lost data sets, Undelete is tailored for quick recovery of single files that are lost or overwritten.

Acts as a Recycle Bin for all deleted files—local and network
Eliminates restore from backup
Enables continuous data protection without frequent snapshots
Allows self-service recovery, relieving IT from this task
Enables recovery of overwritten MS Office, PowerPoint, CAD, Photoshop and other files
Recovery Bin can be stored in the cloud using OneDrive and other popular file hosting services
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The Recycle Bin for File Servers
  • Powerful Recovery Bin catches all files no matter how they were deleted
  • Quickly and easily recover deleted files - even if the files were deleted over the network
  • File Version Protection for multiple file types
  • Familiar File Explorer-like interface
  • Cloud Support for additional protection
  • And more!
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