I/O Reduction Software for Virtual & Physical Servers
Condusiv's "set and forget" I/O reduction software is the #1 software utility for boosting performance and solving sluggish I/O intensive applications like MS-SQL/Oracle, CRM, ERP, File Servers, Imaging, Web Servers, Backups, VDI. Try it free for yourself.

Simply install (no reboot necessary) then allow 24 hours for algorithms to adjust. After a few days, pull up the dashboard to see the exact benefit you’re getting from the software.
Accelerate automatically – no tuning required. Simply install and watch performance problems disappear.
Immediate 2X-10X performance boost depending on amount of available DRAM.
Optimizes writes so maximum payload is carried with every I/O operation.
Automatically caches hot reads from idle, available DRAM.
Dashboard showcases the “time saved” benefits from streamlining I/O to storage and caching reads in memory.
Never upgrade your storage backend for performance reasons again.
Whiteboard Overview
How Can I/O Reduction Software Guarantee to Solve the Toughest Performance Problems?
  • Learn about the two silent killers of VM performance
  • Understand why new hardware for more performance should be your 2nd option
  • Get an overview on how Condusiv’s I/O reduction software offloads I/O from storage and streamlines what remains
  • See the typical experience from over 2,000 virtualized organizations who use Condusiv I/O reduction software
About Company
Condusiv® Technologies is the world leader in software-only storage performance solutions for virtual and physical server environments, enabling systems to process more data in less time for faster application performance. With over 100 million licenses sold, Condusiv solutions are used by 90 percent of the Fortune 1000 and almost three-quarters of the Forbes Global 100 to increase business productivity and reduce datacenter costs while extending the life of existing hardware.