Physical Server Accelerator

50% Faster Physical Servers

V-locity® Server optimizes I/O on physical servers, accelerating applications like SQL and Exchange by 50% without the cost of new or additional hardware. This very moment, an enormous amount of I/O traffic is being pushed through your server, network and storage that is completely unnecessary. By aggregating data on writes to perform sequentially and by caching reads on available server memory without contention, V-locity maximizes the efficiency of every single I/O requests for unprecedented performance gains from software.

V-locity comes with self-auditing benchmark software to provide a “before” and “after” comparison in your real-world environment.

V-locity Server Benefits:

  Increase server and application performance by 50%
  Reduce latency by 50% for faster file access
  Eliminate bottlenecks without expensive hardware
  True "set and forget" management

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After installing V-locity Server on our SQL physical server, we saw over 100% increase in performance throughput.

- Richard Freeman, Large Military Alliance

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Operating systems supported:

Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2
Windows Server 2003


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